Together with the ‘sport, that of school support is another pillar of the activities of ASD Ercolini of Don Orione.

No coincidence that the slogan of the association is “Play those who study”, indicating the importance of the study as a prerequisite to the participation of young people in sports and socio-cultural.

The school support was launched in AS 2012/2013 and is having great success, mainly due to the large participation of volunteers of “RomaAltruista”, which works closely with us in this project.



Every Tuesday afternoon, the boys meet at the headquarters of ASD Ercolini – Centre Benedict XVI – where they are accompanied by the head of the business, Salvatore Paddeu. There are volunteers waiting for: the boys spend about two hours doing schoolwork assigned to them and studying issues that have major deficiencies or difficulties, according to their specific needs.

It ‘a very precious time for them, the guys exploit with enthusiasm, given that often at home have no one available to assist them with homework.


A fruit of school support is the “school report” consists of a true facsimile of report, prepared by the Association and delivered to children, with which the students ask teachers, a vote on their academic performance for that matter, in that week (usually it is given to teachers on Thursday or Friday). The results are then used to coach the school report for calls to matches at the weekend: If your school report presents “bad marks”, the boy will be not called !!

This makes it a useful link between the activities and tasks to help the sport

The realization of the “school report” assumes, first of all, an agreement between the Association Ercolini and schools attended by the children: at the beginning of the school year in charge of the business goes to the Dean of the various educational facilities to present the project of school support and ask for a agreement on the cooperation of teachers, so far obtained. And ‘A GREAT GOAL!